Strawberry Hill Board of Directors
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After thirty years of work from all of those who have supported Strawberry Hill, Swamp Creek and Middle Creek have received an "Exceptional Value"classification by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Our streams are now receiving the highest protection the Commonwealth provides, legally restricting any activity that will degrade their ecological value.Less than 2% of the streams in PA have earned this designation.Including Carbaugh Run, these creeks will be the second and third streams in Adams County to hold an exceptional value classification.

This could not have happened without the support of community members like you!

Strawberry Hill Foundation's mission is to:

Protect the Swamp Creek Watershed and connect our community with the natural world through environmental education and land stewardship at our preserve in the South Mountain Region.

In addition to the thousands of people who visit the Preserve to hike or participate in a nature program, annually Strawberry Hill provides academic programs for approximately 5,000 of the estimated 15,000 schoolchildren residing in the Adams County area.The goal of our academic programs is to provide local schools and the surrounding community with hands-on, active outdoor programming that creates future stewards of our natural world.

To accomplish this goal, Strawberry Hill's Foundation subsidizes 68% of the actual cost associated with delivering the school programs.No direct municipal, county, state, or federal funds are received to support the programs offered at the Preserve, assist with operations, or to protect the watershed.The costs are augmented through community giving, grants, fundraising, and from the Foundation.

Please help by supporting Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve's annual giving campaign.Our hope is to raise $50,000 December 1, 2016 to support the Preserve's operations.

The Strawberry Hill Board of Directors

Beth Brantley ~ Sally Thomas ~ Kurt Kramer ~ Fred Froelicher Jr. ~ Robert B. Lasco ~ Deb Barnes ~ Rusty Ryan ~ Pat Naugle ~ Charlie Skopic